Thursday, August 11, 2016


Malaysia's 'Open House' is a unique traditional concept where family, relatives, friends and even strangers are welcomed with goodwill and friendship into their home to join in to celebrate the various festivities celebrated in the country, the major ones being  the Hari Raya,  Christmas and Chinese New Year.

I always enjoy these visits as not only we get to meet old friends and renew bonds, share jokes and laughter, the various array of great sumptuous food but also an opportunity to gawk at the beautiful and interesting decors of each house.  My visit to Brunei recently, an invitation from a friend (a Malaysian now residing there) to her beautiful home to celebrate the Hari Raya  availed me to so many interesting objects and with her permission, I managed to capture some interesting objects which also made interesting topics of conversation.

By the way, she is crazy about teapot that she even had a room dedicated especially for her many many collections of various types of teapot mostly bought from overseas and also presented to her by friends.


I love all of them but my fav is the ladybird teapot and the lady with the harp.  Hope some have inspired you to choose decor accessories for your home.  Folks, she has a reliable housekeeper who cleans and dusts them regularly...hahaha   There are lots more but let's reserve them for another day.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


There's a saying which goes something like this:

"Bread cast on the waters comes back to you. The good deed you do today may benefit you or someone you love at the least expected time.  If you never see the deed again at least you will have made the world a better place - And, after all, isn't that what life is all about? "

This morning received a message shared by a friend in one of our group chat.  This I noticed was taken from this link   'open heavens daily devotional' written by Pastor E A Adeboye.  

Growing up in the era when most parents were illiterate,  these messages could not be more true... hehehe..


Years back, *poor illiterate  parents* produced
🔹 Scientists,
🔹 Accountants,
🔹 Lawyers,
🔹 Architects,
🔹 Professors,  whom I will refer to as *Group 'A'*.

These *Group 'A'* Children struggled on their own after Primary 6 or Grade 12, to become notable personalities.

Most of them
👉🏾trekked to school *barefooted*
👉🏾 went to farms
👉🏾fetched water and firewood
👉🏾cared for domesticated animals
👉🏾did some work including trading after school to survive.

Now Group 'A' , who have now become Parents themselves are *producing  Group 'B'  Children*

These Group B children are:

🔹 helped in their homeworks or home assignments from nursery school through secondary schools to higher institutions.
 🔹chauffeur driven to very expensive schools or are sent abroad to study. 
🔹they can watch movies from morning till dawn after school.
🔹 they are treated like baby kings and queens.
🔹they don't do any household chores.
🔹Food is put on the table for them,
🔹their plates are removed and washed by parents or house maids.
🔹They are given expensive cars and clothes,
🔹not forgetting *big pocket monies to be wasted* !!!.
🔹Their parents help them in doing their assignments.

🤔 In spite of all these, only few can *speak* or *write* correctly. 😏

🤔Group 'A' Parents  cared for their own *parents* and *children*,
Group 'B', their Children are still *struggling to find their feet at age 30+*.‼

🤔They find it difficult to do things on their own because they are used to being helped to think and doing things by Group 'A'.

So they can't help themselves, their parents or the society.


😴 *Where do you belong*

🏮Reduce the pampering and the unnecessary help you offer your children.

🏮 Let your children *grow in wisdom, intelligence and strength*.

🏮Let them face the truth and the realities of life. Teach them to grow  to become *independent adults.*

Teach them to :-
👉🏾fear God,
👉🏾respect  others and
👉🏾 develop confidence in themselves.

🤔Parents, discipline your children to become disciplined adults, *useful* and not *useless.*

Praying these kids one day will grow up to be Group A adults.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Received this article from a friend thru Watsapp which prompted me to share these pictures of the State Unduk Ngadau Committee together with some of the Unduk Ngadau Finalists 2015's visit to the Residence of the Senior Citizen, Kg Purak, Papar, a nursing home managed by the Catholic Church, Sabah. Some of the senior citizen living there used to hold high posts in their younger days, some were government servants, teachers and others. But they chose to live there in their remaining years, to be with friends and be taken care of lovingly by the Sisters.

"My dear girl, the day you see I'm getting old, I ask you to please be patient, but most of all, try to understand what I'm going through. If when we talk, the same thing a thousand times, don't interrupt to say: "You said the same thing a minute ago"... Just listen, please. Try to remember the times when you were little and I would read the same story night after night until you would fall asleep.

When I don't want to take a bath, don't be mad and don't embarrass me. Remember when I had to run after you making excuses and trying to get you to take a shower when you were just a girl?

When you see how ignorant I am when it comes to new technology, give me the time to learn and don't look at me that way ... remember, honey, I patiently taught you how to do many things like eating appropriately, getting dressed, combing your hair and dealing with life's issues every day... the day you see I'm getting old, I ask you to please be patient, but most of all, try to understand what I'm going through.

If I occasionally lose track of what we're talking about, give me the time to remember, and if I can't, don't be nervous, impatient or arrogant. Just know in your heart that the most important thing for me is to be with you.

And when my old, tired legs don't let me move as quickly as before, give me your hand the same way that I offered mine to you when you first walked. When those days come, don't feel sad... just be with me, and understand me while I get to the end of my life with love. I'll cherish and thank you for the gift of time and joy we shared. With a big smile and the huge love I've always had for you, I just want to say, I love you ... my darling daughter."