Saturday, September 7, 2013


..missing you..

yours truly, under the hot merciless tropical sun at Ao Nang beach, Krabi, Thailand..

(..will post more pics later.. :)

 .took this from our hotel window in Penang..

the SuperStar Libra.. ..she's gorgeous

beauties on board

the 'moms' and our wards

 Phuket:  pic courtesy of Nick Toidis

pics above and below: courtesy of Nick T

Group photo at Phuket before we 'attacked' the shopping mall..

beautiful Debbie, my roomie, my 'girl'.. the lounge with Imma and Dedie, our girls with the singer/pianist, a handsome Filipino, who had an amazing  voice..I could listen to him forever..

above: no, these dancers were not part of us..

the beauties....

the beauties and the beast..LOL

.. still feeling the effects of the sea..not all the time but at some odd times.  Gosh, I need a holiday after the holiday. Luckily it is weekend now so am reveling in this free time. 
Arrived home almost midnite on 4th September.  After sleepless nites on board the SuperStar Libra, I literally slept in the plane all the way from Penang to KL and then to KK.

On 31st August as Malaysia celebrated 56 years of Independence,  we 35 of us from KK boarded the plane bound for Penang where we were to board the Star Cruise Libra the following day. We stayed a night in Penang and we took the opportunity to sample some the delicious food.  

The following day, a bus transported us to the jetty and there were ohhss and ahhs at our first close encounter with the beautiful ship. After all the formalities of immigration and all, we finally stepped into the ship and to our respective cabin, a twin bed with a lovely view. We did some survey on the ship and was also informed of the program for the next 3 days. The first day, we were entertained with shows and later all were invited to party at the Sailing-Away Party with music and dances and then there's the various arrays of food! Later during the night, a sumptuous supper was also available. 

The following day, the ship docked in Phuket where we disembarked and did some exploring and shopping of course, of the amazing place.  It was hard to imagine that this place was hit by a tragedy of the tsunami on December 26, in 2004 that incurred a great deal of destruction to the waterfront of  the beach and killed many people. Patong was one of the worst affected areas of Phuket. Amazingly, it looked like Patong has recovered from the tragedy as no trace of the effects, at least physically,  was evident.  We headed back to the ship at around 6 pm though some opted to stay until 10 pm. 

Patong Beach
taken from a moving bus

At 1.00 am, the ship sailed for Krabi. We disembarked the following morning but as the ship could not dock near the shore, passengers had to be transported by a large ferry.  We spied many beautiful islands along the way such as the famed The Phi Phi Islands which are the best known of the Andaman Islands.  Which reminded me that the movie "The Beach"  was filmed there.  No wonder that it gained so much exposure and opened up as one of the world's most desired holiday destinations!   Option to follow a tour of the islands was available too at a price of course. But we say, naahh, we wanna explore the inland instead, the beautiful Ao Nang beach and the shops that stretched for miles. 

The beautiful day was spent just exploring,  shopping and I heard one of the ladies wanted a massage to ease her tired shoulders and feet. I echoed her intention and before we knew it, we were ushered into a lovely spa... ahh an aromatheraphy massage for me and I slumbered into the expert hands of an able lady masseuse with some lovely music in the background, I was quite sure in made me snore into dreamland for a while hahaha.. I had never felt so relaxed before and it made me forget all my cares for a while..pure bliss!  All too soon, it was time to go back to the ship but before that we managed to sample some of the delicious food.. what else if not their tom yam.

Anyway, all those are memories now.. and now am back to reality.. 


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