Saturday, March 22, 2014


Dear All, I just wanna announce that I will not be posting in this blog after this for awhile.  Can’t tell for sure when I will be back but you are welcomed to leave your comments if you so wish. 

However, I will still keep this blog open and will probably be posting something every now and then in my other blog ‘curls & eyelashes . Do visit me there when free.

Thank you all for your support these past years. Your comments and visits were very much appreciated and have brought me immense joy.   Love and hugs to you all. 

Cheers, till we meet again, Adios!  

Here is my last post.

called Gaagabang in Kadazan or Uduk Uduk as the Malays in Sabah call it.
This is a wild plant with medicinal value. 

During my childhood days in the kampong (village), where life was much simpler and siblings, some friends and I, -  our playground was the jungle. We would roam the woods in the hills in search of firewood or wild fruits.The ripened fruit of this Gaagabang is purplish in colour and sweet. That fruit was our 'candy' as we didn't have the luxury of real candies. But we had lots of fun showing each other's purple/black tongue and teeth..

We would climb trees and pretended we were Tarzan, just swinging from frees to trees from hanging vines. Once, before I could get a good grip of the entwined vines, someone gave me a push to induce the swing,  I lost my grip, fell down into a ravine and rolled straight into a stream. 

My fall  hurt me bad 'cos for a moment I couldn't get my breath back and I thought I would just die. My lungs just refused to open.  I heard voices which sounded far away. Then miraculously, my breath came back and I felt like my chest was ripping and bursting into a thousand pieces!  I was helped out and not only dripping wet but shocked, dazed and very scared. What will mother say?  I'm gonna get a beating for playing a dangerous game for sure I thought.

I later found out that I fell on a huge protruding root of a tree. Thousands of angels must have been with me that day as I didn't break anything apart from a few cuts and bruises and an injured pride.

My mother never found out how I fell.. nobody dared tell her that I fell while pretending to be tarzan ...hahaha... Scolded, I was, but still she treated my cuts.  

Usually to stop bleeding or just treating minor cuts and bruises,  my mother would mash some young shoots of the Gaagabang apply onto the cleaned wound and tie with a piece of clean cloth. The next morning, no more gaping wound, the bleeding not only stopped, but the cuts dried up, no infection...

Those days seems so far away but even this simple plant reminds me of my mom.. It's more than 10 years now since she went away...but it feels like only yesterday.  Miss you in peace...

Note: All pictures except for the Gaagabang are courtesy of the web.


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