Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I heard this song at a wedding the other day...a Kadazan song which I have not heard for quite a while but now simply refused to leave my brain. I would suddenly find myself humming this song while cooking or washing or while taking a shower even driving. Gosh, please leave me already hahaha...ok let me exorcise it by sharing with you all.

This is a very popular song especially during Kadazan weddings 'cos of the meaning which is relevant. Whenever I hear this song, I think of all the happily married couples, so many challenges as in any marriages yet they thrive.

The cynic in me sometimes think that most stay married because they have to, because of the vows they made before God, because of the children or pride or just a sense of responsibility or finance, status even and so would just endure it and live with each other and do things for each other simply due to the need of fulfilling moral obligations even after the feeling of love had worn out a long time ago for some reasons or other. 

I remember the words my friend Agnes always say whenever attending a wedding, hear someone getting married or see a wedding procession.  She will say “for how long?”. First time I heard her saying, I glared at her.. hahaha.. but I know where she’s getting at.. Don't get me wrong. I believe in marriage and what it stands for.  

But then, there are people who stay married because they really want to and are still so in love even after so many years and could not imagine being with anybody else.  This must be what people call a match made in heaven.

I have a friend who has been married for almost 20 years now and she swore that she has not felt any different from when they just got married.  And I asked her what’s their secret and I expected her to say ‘love’, but she said simply,” mutual respect for one another and with lots of sense of humour!”  Mutual respect, she said encompass almost all things needed in a good relationship and so if you have respect for one another, everything else will follow. ‘Well it works for them and who am I to disagree. And a sense of humour? Ability to laugh and see the funny or even the positive side of situations even how grave it may be. Hmm...something to think about.

Ok,  this song is dedicated to such couples. May their love be forever and may their marriage be filled with sunshine and laughter and just enough challenges to make it exciting!!


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