Wednesday, February 18, 2015


 Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xi Nian Kuai Le


Pic above show us with our signed Declaration to pledge our full commitment towards the
Unduk Ngadau activities. This is a voluntary job and we not only organize the annual State Level Unduk  Ngadau pageant and promote  KadazanDusun culture but we also conduct fund raising for the less fortunate.
 This year the Charity Dinner "Sodop Unduk Ngadau" will be held on 29th May 2015 and we hope to raise enough funds to enable us to assist St Pius Children's Orphanage, Bundu Tuhan, Ranau in their day to day expenses and also the repairs of their dilapidated  building.

The unique thing about the native of Sabah is that many in one way other possess some Chinese blood. Most of my friends in the picture for example even though on official documents, they are Kadazans are infact not pure Kadazans due to parent's inter-marriages especially those in urban areas.

 My friend Mart, (standing 2nd from left) has a Chinese grandfather with a surname Lee, Lyn (standing 4th from left) with surname Wong, Teri seated extreme left,  maternal grandfather is a Chuan and Phil whose father is mixed Chinese, surnamed Chai.

 My hubby whose birth cert says he is Kadazan but actually come from the lineage of the Wong Loong Clan, his father side.  His maternal grandfather on the other hand is pure Chinese, a skilled carpenter who came from the mainland China with his parents when he was a young boy surnamed Chong. He married a local Kadazan lady and adopted most of the Kadazans way of life.  Hence, the reasons why most Kadazans are fair skinned with Chinese features and people can be forgiven for mistaking them for Chinese. All my children, 2 beautiful girls and my handsome son... hehehe....took after their father whose features are more Chinese, the classic fair skin and almond shaped eyes.

the eldest (right) and youngest on the left

Do we celebrate Chinese New Year? Oh yes in a way we do, but now only just a small new year eve dinner as my son is living abroad, my eldest daughter residing in KL which left my youngest.  Unlike those days when my parent in laws were still around,.....  I miss them.

Be safe this holidays folks.


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