Friday, June 5, 2015


no, it's got nothing to do with Elvis song. Rather about the earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 that shook the people around Sabah this morning.  It was felt around KK, Penampang, Keningau, Tambunan and as far as Kota Marudu but mostly in Kundasang and Ranau.

stranded climbers waiting to be rescued.

Heard some casualties among the 195 climbers to Mt Kinabalu. All the rescue teams and hospitals in Ranau and Kundasang are on now standby. The climbers are trapped by falling rocks. Ropes apparently snapped and some slight tremors are still felt. Arrangements are being made to rescue them by helicopter but hampered by thick mist. Praying everyone and everything will be A ok.

 It was around 7.15 am or so this morning and I was doing the laundry. The machine was on spin mode but strangely was shaking more than usual which puzzled me but did not suspect anything.  Then I noticed that the whole house was shaking. I ran to the living room and saw the TV wobbling vigorously for about 5 seconds. Thank God, nothing fell. I frozed.. My other half who was seated at the dining table having his coffee shouted, 'it is earthquake!!'  Then I heard commotion from the the neighbour. With shaking hands, I sent a watsapp message to one of my group chat asking them whether they felt the tremor.  Thereon, my phone never stopped.

My Committee and I together with 8 Unduk Ngadau are scheduled to travel to Ranau tomorrow for the Majlis Rumah Terbuka Kaamatan Kebangsaan 2015 and to stay at a homestay in Kundasang. We are still waiting if any changes to the program and/or  whether the event will be cancelled. No aftershocks so far. Apart from the casualties at the mountain and some damages to properties in Kundasang and Ranau, no other major damages in KK. We are all fine..

some damages to properties. Image sent by a friend through watsapp.

Some believe that the calamity is a warning, as the spirits of the mountain has not been appeased. The mountain has been desecrated recently when four women and six men, who were in a group of 27 Europeans climbing the mountain on May 30, left the main group and headed towards South Peak, where they allegedly stripped naked and ignored warnings and pleads from their guide to stop. They instead called him stupid and even asked him to go to hell.

Superstitions or not, one should show respect to the environment and mother earth. The 4,095m Mountain is a World Heritage site and is sacred to the Kadazandusuns as the 'abode of the dead' and should be treated with respect.

Now I may have to remove my sidebar pic of Mt Kinabalu and Dr Ben's beautiful quote about our Land Below the Wind not being affected by hurricanes or earthquakes...because we are..

"..a beautiful country is Sabah, Malaysia - Land Below the Wind, where earthquakes and hurricanes never rage to disturb climatic serenity and life's tranquility"... Dr. Ben Topin

Echoing the prayers for Sabah from friends..

"Stay safe friends and family in Sabah. Heavenly Father, we uphold Sabah and the surroundings unto your hand and protect everyone living in this land from any natural disaster. Lord, cancel all the evil plans that have been made for Sabah and have mercy on everyone who lives here. Protect us from any harm and dangers and cover us with Your most Holy Blood. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.  Mother Mary, lead the throng of Angels of God to intercede for us and the whole world. Amen."

7th June 2015

My prayers go out to all those bereaved families who have lost their loved ones in the Mount Kinabalu Earthquake and to the brave Mountain Guides who are the real heroes who worked tirelessly risking their own lives to get the mountain climbers and workers down. Let's continue to pray for our beloved country and may the Lord protect us from all natural disasters.  The official casualties as of now is 13 with several others injured. This being school holidays, many of the climbers were young students, mostly Singaporeans, some as young as 11 year olds. *cries*

May the souls of the Mountain Guides who perished while on a rescue mission and also the climbers rest in peace. Amen.


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