Wednesday, September 30, 2015


." .all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.."

Well not now actually.. but hopefully soon. Counting the days.

God willing, will fly in say another couple of weeks. When will I be back? Depends on where the wind brings me. Maybe next month, or the month after, or perhaps by Christmas, maybe even next year. Who knows what the future holds. Why am I itching to travel again?  

Well, as age catches up, better do it now when them knees are still not rickety yet and them eyes are still able to focus.  My camera will be my best friend.. and a couple of friends.

I remember when I was young and staying with my grandmother and during weekends, I was supposed to stay home and study or do my homework but whenever she look elsewhere, I would quietly go out to play with my cousins. And stay out the whole day and sometimes stay for meals at their house which was just a couple of houses away actually.  Then later at dusk, I would try to sneak back home and get an earful from grandma which I knew was inevitable. She would scold in her most meanest voice "where have you been, you have wings on your heels, why is it that you never stay put!" But my grandmother, bless her never beat me and I guess I was a little spoilt.  But how could I stay home alone all day doing nothing.  Those ancient days, tv or computers were non existence, at least in my part of the world.  

Google pic.

Books borrowed from friends or the school library were my best friends and I would read all day and night with a small kerosene lamp until the cock crows at dawn.  So when I run out of what to read, I would read my school text books and when I get bored, I would sneak out and play with my cousins in the fields, to the woods, climbing fruit trees and playing tarzan, fishing in river and even helped my cousins watch their buffaloes grazing in the fields. Yeah, we gotta watch them lest they wander off to the paddy fields and grazed on the young paddy plants.  That was an absolute no no. There was once, we were busy playing and did not notice that the buffaloes had wandered into the paddy fields and were happily grazing on the young paddy plants.  My aunt was so angry, we almost didn't get our dinner that night.

Paddy field

Water buffaloes. Google pic.

So back to my yearn for travel, yes my heels are winged.. but will be back home somehow when I get weary from all these.  Where am I going? Wish I am travelling to Europe but I am not. I simply cannot afford it especially now that the ringgit is tumbling down everyday.  Hopefully one day soon though, then I can die peacefully...LOL!


Hint of my destination...

below pics, my sis, behind her is a library and the other a train station. She used to study, work and live there. She holds a PR.


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