Saturday, March 5, 2016


Last night I was at Kimmy and Daffie's wedding dinner. Kimmy, a former beauty queen and a model is not only a friend's daughter but is also one our girls in the Unduk Ngadau pageant a few years back. She emerged as the 2nd runner-up.  Daffie her husband, is the only son of a well-known individual in the State.

 the newly-wed in the Kadazandusun traditional costume.

And so, I met an old friend. After hugging and exchanging pleasantries as well as giggling like teenagers checking each other out, she exclaiming.." this age, we don't look too bad yet , do we?" she said laughing. "Well with this positive attitude, how to grow old" I laughed.  

And it reminded me of this post which has been in my vault almost forgotten since last August, a reunion with my primary school classmates which I had intended to blog about but did not complete. Here it is, a throwback August 2015.

" Recently, we managed to have a reunion of friends from long ago... 40 odd years, primary school days.  Were just kids then.  But that's the beauty of modern technology as some friends managed to track me and included me in their watsapp chat group. Everyone was excited at suddenly being in contact of long lost friends. Slowly the contact number of old friends grew. Some have migrated, a few have passed on, some living just in the neighbourhood, yet we've never bumped into each other. Goodness, Kota Kinabalu can't be that big! 

We then arranged for a gathering and managed to gather about 30 + people.  The Glamour Lounge at the Palace Hotel was the perfect place.  We wanted the occasion to be informal and so chose our dress code  "Bohemian" haha .. to commemorate those days when we were growing up... well at least some did try.    Everyone was excited at the prospect of meeting each other again after so long. The day came and  when we met,  the years just melted... it was amazing how friendships rekindled again. Though a few have gained spare tyres, some quite unrecognizable, gray hairs, wrinkles and double chins, yet it felt like we were the young carefree kids again.

 We shared stories, jokes,  laughter, the incessant teasing from the guys, some confessions, which were hilarious.  The night just flew and soon it was time to say good nite with a promise to meet again..   Oh but we have the chat group and we do 'meet' everyday, the normal greetings and all."

I like the saying : " Good friends  are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there"

Ok here are some pics for rememberance, lest one day we grow too old to remember.

                                        some of the guys. Now all successful individual..

my gorgeous bestie.. those days. We still keep in touch occasionally..

  Till our next reunion, adios, stay healthy, stay positive and stay young always..


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