Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Every morning when I wake up, my hands would automatically grope for my mobile phone and if you are like me who have more than 30 watsapp group chats .. you will know what I mean about the never stop beep beeps of messages.. some not necessary useful but once in a while will get not only interesting pictures but more so of the messages it contains some hilarious but thought provoking, taken mostly from the Net of course..
.... makes me ponder 


Cheers..have a great weekend..

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Soon it would be the celebration of the Pesta Kaamatan or Harvest Festival again and the launching this year will be in Tenom, a district in the interior of Sabah on May 1st, 2016.  And the usual flurry of activities that is  going on making preparations.   April seems to be flying and it is making me nervous.

The emphasis that Unduk Ngadau Committe is making this year will be "Speak your Mother Tongue". Last year was 'Back to Basic' in relations to the traditional costumes.

The Kadazan language profeciency has decreased among younger generations and Unduk Ngadau is taking this initiative to prevent further decline of its usage and to preserve the legacy for future generation. Some efforts on this has been made by various groups but we felt it timely to also include it in our programe as the novelty of speaking the language seems to rub through the younger generations with the influence of these gorgeous young ladies. 

Anyway re posting this...

This post is long overdue and it was lying in draft form in my vault since June 2015. Anyway was browsing through this almost dormant blog.  It is so easy to forget this blog and just let be as there are so many social media mode.  Just reading through the endless messages from friends on my watsapp, wechat or telegrams, Instagram and of course Facebook take me almost a whole morning.   So much has happened this few months.
Was not able to take any pictures this Kaamatan as was too occupied to even think about taking. Tried to snap some with my handphone and horrors, it gave me a message  'full memory'.. Oh well, will have to depend on our Official Photographers and also those photographer enthusiasts.

Thank goodness, the 5-day event from 27th May the day of registration, photoshoots, videoshoot for the 42 UN participants each representing a district/sub-district/municipalities till the final competition on 31st May 2015 went well but not without some glitches.

Experiences in handling a big event such as this does count as we were able to cover it and was able to act fast and remedy the situation. Each day was packed with program for the ladies..seminars, practical learning at the museum, rehearsals that stretched through the night.  Well, the Crown is certainly not going to be given to them on a platter! Told them this is a competition and they were not here on a holiday!

 The top 3 Winners
Ryannie UNK 015 (centre)
Shirley (left)1st Runner up and Everina (right 2nd Runner up. 

Special appearance

Giving back to society in our own small way..
In Aid of the Underprivileged Children of St Pius X, Bundu Tuhan, Ranau.


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