Saturday, May 7, 2016


May, the wonderful and a busy month of May in Sabah.

It is Sabah Fest again and of course the annual month-long State Harvest Festival celebrations. This year, the celebration kicked-off in Tenom, a district in the interior of Sabah, launched by none other than the Sabah Chief Minister on 1st of May 2016. A thanksgiving festival for all the good tidings and harvest that has been bestowed to the land by the Almighty.

With an invitation to the UNK Committee to accompany Miss Ryannie, the reigning Harvest Festival queen, we travel a day before through the long and winding road via Kimanis road to Keningau and later to Tenom where we stayed at a modest but comfortable homestay.

The evening we were invited to dine at one of the nice restaurant atop a hill, the Fatt Choi Restaurant and Resort with the State's dignitaries. Not much to see at night though except for the flickering lights but I guess must be a sight to behold during bright sunny day.  Incidentally Fatt Choi Tenom is famous for their coffee.

The following day we witnessed the launching proper.

Special Appearance by State Unduk Ngadau Miss Ryannie Niels Yong (left) and Unduk Ngadau Kemabong 2016 Miss Cehrolley Judah.

The winner, Miss Nancy Julai (seated) and 1st runner up Miss Anasthasia (on her left) will represent the district of Tenom and Kemabong respectively in the State Level this May 31st, 2016.

Credit to photograper:Mr Augustine Jumat

P/s: Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan - a title bestowed to the most deserving Kadazandusun young maiden, one who resembles the legendary Huminodun, daughter of Kinoingan (Deity) who sacrificed herself for the starving mankind during a great famine once upon a time. It was believed that her sacrificed body 'fertilized' the earth and rice and other plants once again thrived.

To commemorate her sacrifice, an annual search of the most ideal Unduk Ngadau is done. In selecting the Unduk Ngadau, she must satisfy the judges that in her most natural self, she potrays the best virtues and potentials who will serve as paragon of ideals and values encompassing the aspect of personality,beauty, talent, intelligence, kindness, courage and social responsibility and resemble the beatified Huminodun, the Kadazandusun Queen of love and compassion.

bringing cheers to Old Folks a the Holy Family, Kg Purak, Papar

helping to build a house under the Habitat for Humanity Programme.

under the educational and empowerment program .. learn a traditional skill

with the Underprivileged Children of Don Bosco, Bundu Tuhan, Ranau.

Lastly, from yours truly,  wishing everyone Happy Harvest Festival.. Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan.  Cheers.



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