Thursday, November 17, 2016


It has been a while since I was here last and my readers (if any) must be wondering where I had disappeared to or maybe thinking I had perhaps completed my journey on earth and now mid-way to heaven... hahaha... Well, I hope to one day in God's time, but for now I am well and still kicking.

Has been besieged by other types of social media and have pretty much been relying on Watsapp, Instagram and FB  as my form of communication to the outside world.  Blogging has therefore taken a backseat.. at least for a while though this will always remain precious.  So what's up with me?

So much and yet nothing much but will do some uploading of pictures taken during my travels lest one day memory fail.

Bayswater, London 
Sept. 2016

With friends at Liberty Island, yonder
Skyline of Manhattan, New York 
(Sept. 2016)

Near the United Nations building , New York

Washington Square, NY

Hyde Park, London

Taken in front of the hotel we stayed, a Malaysian owned hotel
Berjaya Park Hotel, London

Up close and personal Statue of Liberty, NY.

My 2 weeks visit to London and New York in September 2016 shall always remain as one of my greatest travelling experiences.  More about the trip soon.


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